*This is my personal experience as a mom and simply what worked for us. Consult your doctor to find a plan that fits your family*


Let’s talk about infants with acid reflux. For me the answer was not meds, the “deal with it” or “wait it out” mentality, or that weird wedge thing you’re already googling.

After my baby was born, I remember looking at him and thinking “I’d do anything for you – anything!” We went home and I’ll admit the first two weeks were amazing. I was still on cloud nine – relieved we had a natural birth and were breastfeeding with relative ease. Plus, newborns sleep ALL the time. Like you actually have time to wash and blow-dry your hair and apply minimal makeup. It’s astounding. In my naivety, I turned to Brian and commented, “Babe this baby thing is kinda easy.” EASY. Looking back I can’t believe those words escaped my lips. But I was determined to do this “mom thing” right and so far so good…. or so I thought.  Continue Reading