Frisco, Texas

09 Jul

The Power of Plastic

I’m the first to admit, I’m a sucker for some good marketing… especially when it comes to health & beauty. Reverse wrinkles in 30 seconds: YES PLEASE. One magic pill for hair like Rapunzel: HELL YA. Drink this and instantly transform into Wonder Woman: I’M ON IT. Like many of you, however, my impulse to buy the latest and greatest came to a screeching halt as I continued to educate myself on the truth behind many products (not to mention their packaging) and the BIG business of “wellness”… or keeping people sick.  Continue Reading

20 Jun

5 Ways to Make Feeding Pleasurable (for baby AND mom) 

Ok moms- let’s talk feeding technique and pacing! As a holistic Speech-Language Pathologist with experience in pediatric feeding, my hope is that your ultimate goal is for baby to enjoy eating a variety of textures and flavors. I found if parents can create an enjoyable and pleasurable eating experience for baby, things are wayyy easier for the entire family, baby included. First foods should be a positive experience eventually leading to nourishing family meals. Historically, the family table was not a place of strife and stress. It was where news, plans, and stories were shared over REAL food. So make your baby’s FIRST bites of food enjoyable. Their future selves will thank you. Here are a few tips when feeding (I mean, offering!) baby food: Continue Reading

10 Jun

Healthy 1st Baby Smash Cake

Yes please! Let’s talk baby’s first SMASH CAKE. My goal first and foremost was to bake something WITHOUT gluten since this food category has the most potential for causing digestive disturbances or allergies. Especially since I am gluten sensitive and feel terrible after consuming wheat I did not want to risk it on his birthday!!!!! Babies do not produce the enzymes to handle gluten (wheat) before the age of one year. Yep… ONE YEAR. Even then, soaked grains are recommended since it’s easier on their system. I also wanted something anti-inflammatory and dairy free. To top it all off I really wanted something refined sugar free. Oh, such goals! Continue Reading

27 May


*This is my personal experience as a mom and simply what worked for us. Consult your doctor to find a plan that fits your family*


Let’s talk about infants with acid reflux. For me the answer was not meds, the “deal with it” or “wait it out” mentality, or that weird wedge thing you’re already googling.

After my baby was born, I remember looking at him and thinking “I’d do anything for you – anything!” We went home and I’ll admit the first two weeks were amazing. I was still on cloud nine – relieved we had a natural birth and were breastfeeding with relative ease. Plus, newborns sleep ALL the time. Like you actually have time to wash and blow-dry your hair and apply minimal makeup. It’s astounding. In my naivety, I turned to Brian and commented, “Babe this baby thing is kinda easy.” EASY. Looking back I can’t believe those words escaped my lips. But I was determined to do this “mom thing” right and so far so good…. or so I thought.  Continue Reading

Frisco, Texas