WARNING: THIS FOOD WILL GO BAD. It has ZERO preservatives. So it will last like a REAL vegetable. PERIOD. All contents can be frozen or refrigerated and discarded after one week. How did this crazy notion come about??

Two Babes Organics is co-founded by crunchy mom friends Natasha & Nicole. Their inspiration? Their two baby boys… their two babes! These mamas are FED UP with the conventional baby food aisle. WHAT IN THE WORLD. Expensive “organic” pouches are loaded with sugar, diluted with acidic water, and contain citric acid masked as a “natural” preservative. Not willing to settle for anything but the BEST for their babes, both mamas were slaving away in the kitchen in order to steam, puree, and prepare the best foods for their littles. Determined, both thought “there MUST be a better way.”

With Natasha’s background in nutrition and health & fitness and Nicole’s background in Speech-Language Pathology, witnessing the devastatingly detrimental effect of dyes, preservatives in small children, the two decided to join forces to challenge the status quo of the baby food industry. All recipes are approved by a pediatric dietitian, and all ingredients are sourced from farmers. When you receive Two Babes meal packs, simply refrigerate and warm when ready to be served.

Two Babes Organics is the passion of Nicole & Natasha. It combines their LOVE of serving others, investing in future generations and teaching society how to heal itself through the beautiful power of food. And it all starts with our babies. We are so pleased you’ve found your way to us. We look forward to giving babies organic bounty from the earth, just as God intended.



Natasha & Nicole