Come one, come all. Showers need to get more interesting. If you’re hosting solo and desperately need *HELP* or are simply brainstorming different ideas, here are a few tips to make things more enjoyable:



They don’t have to be $$ either. Hobby Lobby rotates theirs flowers 50% off every other week and the ones I got were a mix from HL and Michaels. I like the elegant, rare quality these European-esque faux flowers provide. But of course I love the fresh fragrance and natural beauty of REAL flowers. By intermingling the two, you CAN have the best of both worlds. Flowers give a more elevated event feeling. And those little green leaflets popping out? Those are from a random bush in my yard! I mean, Paris…

 2. Place said flowers *errwhere*

Above the fireplace, by the hand soap, near the food, on the counter, in the bathroom. Truly, no place is safe from flowers at a shower. Select places people will be a) looking at or b) reaching for. I was so mad that I ran out of vases and then remembered… Buda juice jars! My not-yet-recycled gems were upcycled for the day. Cutest upcycle ever. I put them everywhere! I figure shower guests will potentially never tire of finding (yet another) rose. Flowers are always a pleasant surprise, right? Use the real ones where people would notice or interact with more like table side or near the restroom soap. You’re set!

3. Pink Drinks 

All of them. Seriously. Go to the nearest World Market and buy out all the rose wine + rose lemonade + pomegranate & elderflower sparkling beverages you can find. Your guests will find themselves feeling infinitely more feminine and surprisingly more participatory in the shower games. Or what about these adorable melon ice cube balls to make things 1000x cuter?

4. Better Games

I’ve scoured the internet to find *decent* shower games. Better yet, ones that are ready to go. How about a “download and print” type deal? First up is Baby Shower Charades. This one really loosens up the crowd as they have 1 minute (2 minutes = too much time) to act out the chaos that is that first year: giving birth, changing a dirty diaper, installing the car seat, clipping baby’s nails, testing the temp of milk to name a few. Our guests had a blast.


For those of you really into games, here are 15 crazy game ideas for the more casual, game-centered shower including Baby Jeopardy, Peace Out Pampers, Guess That Baby Food and Blindfolded Diaper Changing. Warning: hilarity may ensue with a fitting target audience.



For a smaller and maybe even co-ed crowd, I liken this next game as an “Apples to Apples” parenthood rendition! It’s a lot of fun but I did have to throw out some of the spicier cards TBH so read through them first before playing or you’re in for a bigger surprise 🙂 Download here.

Call me crazy, but I sort of like the ole’ traditional pass the parcel rhyming game. It’s something grandmas would enjoy. Idc, rhyming is FUN, guys. This is good if you have non-gamers at your shower to get things warmed up. Tease the group by saying, “It is rumored that the winner of this parcel game gets more than just the gift/contents inside as she is the next in line as mom-to-be!” 

5. *Appear* Prepared

As a busy mom, there are a few ways to wisely attain this elusive title…what is this word….”prepared”…. here is one secret: print out this free gift tracker. It itemizes all shower gifts and even has a place for mom-to-be to check “thank you sent.” It’s AMAZING.

Prepared Part II? Favors. Go the extra mile by including something sweet to remember this time by. I found these adorable DIY tassel bookmark tutorial and included a special verse on each bookmark for guests to take home. This free pdf download has 12 verses to pray over our children. Btw, why aren’t people talking about bookmarks like they’re cool anymore? They’re SO COOL. Especially bookmarks with trendy tassels. This one takes a bit more time, but just look at it like a new skill. And while you’re at it, take this as a challenge to find out what you can slap tassels on (everything).




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